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Contact Information















Dong-ki Lee  




Department of Chemistry  


Sungkyunkwan University  


Suwon, 440-746  


Republic of Korea  


Tel: +82-31-299-4565  


Fax: +82-31-299-4890  



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Welcome to BMTL



We are working on RNA-based molecular tools for genomics, diagnostics, and therapeutics.


1. Development of novel siRNA structures for functional genomics and therapeutics






  The efficiency and specificity of siRNA-based gene silencing made it as a favored tool for functional genomics and as a promising therapeutics. 

  We are challenging to the development of RNAi therapeutics and specific silencing of genes in research.


2. Nucleic acid aptamers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications









  Aptamers are short, single-stranded oligonucleotides which have high affinity and specificity to target.

  We are working with SELEX to isolate nucleic acid aptamers against a variety of disease related targets.



Research Background


1. RNAi

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2. Aptamer

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